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The Queen In Arlesey

That picture is not mine, you can see it belongs to Tony Margiocchi,
I really hope he doesn't mind me using it because I don't want to be sued,
I was unaware that her Majesty had visited Arlesey,
it was before I was privileged enough to move here in November 2014,
which is a bit of a shame because the last time I saw her in the flesh
was in the 60's in my native Northern Ireland!

I will be adding a gallery of the beautiful little town
with a village mentality in which I live in due course.

  Originally I had planned to run other competitions here
but because of my lifestyle I don't have time to do current affairs
or any other types of quiz at present, the football competition takes up all my time,
please feel free to have a look around should the mood take you.

Football Competition