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The Queen In Arlesey

That picture is not mine, you can see it belongs to Tony Margiocchi,
I really hope he doesn't mind me using it because I don't want to be sued,
I was unaware that her Majesty had visited Arlesey,
it was before I was privileged enough to move here in November 2014,
which is a bit of a shame because the last time I saw her in the flesh
was in the 60's in my native Northern Ireland!

I may add a gallery of the beautiful little town with a village mentality
in which I live in due course if I get time, perhaps when I retire,
1st though I am adding a music page and a quiz page, history or music are the options on the quiz page,
I have started them but after 2 years am not yet half way through, never mind, I'll just keep plodding.

At present the website is here primarily for my football competition,
I should say that although I feel justified in calling it mine right now I would never
have arrived at this point without Dave Grimbley, Andy Healey and Trev Heath,
so I would like to publically thank all of them for their input.

I run the competition for my local team Arlesey Town F.C. as a fund raising tool,
we didn't raise a lot of funds in our inagural season of 2016/17, 125,
2017/18 should see 400+ raised which covers the cost of the officials for 2 home games,
I live in hope that the support the club receives will grow year upon year.

I would like to share the technology that does all the work for me,
not that I am aware of anything on the horizon right now but I will be having a beer
with Duncan Edwards and George Best at some point, well, Duncan & I will be on beer,
I'm not 100% sure what the Cregagh boy would be on,
but I would be delighted if the competition carried on while we are socialising.

You can access a download and my O.H.B.C. style video tutorial via the A.T.F.C. link
with details of how to construct and update the workbook for the season
as well as on a day to day basis by following the video link you will find there,
it is free to use and if you can use it for a bit of fun while fundraising please do so with my blessing.

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